Moss Wood is the first retreat I ever attended and Patricia and Conor have officially spoiled me for life. Imagine your very own room with a view in a gorgeous, waterfront house in one of coastal Maine's most magical spots. Now add the inimitable Gregory Maguire, delicious home-cooked meals, and inspirational writing talk with other like-minded guests in a truly supportive and welcoming environment. I honestly believe I dipped my toes in heaven while I was at Moss Wood. There is ample time built into the daily schedule for nature walks, kayaking, and reading/writing time, so you will leave feeling both rejuvenated and inspired. My experience was a true gift to my creative spirit and one of the highlights of my year. Make haste and apply! 

Azadeh Westergaard, MFA Candidate in Children's Literature, Vermont College of Fine Arts

One of the things I appreciated most about being at Moss Wood -- and understand, there were many things to love about it -- was that I felt intellectually and creatively nourished. Here I was, in an idyllic setting for five days with a small party of similarly passionate writers, with no other obligations than to write, to talk and think about writing, to enjoy my surroundings, and to eat amazing and lovingly prepared food. I could have stayed another week.

Angelique Jamail, author of Finis

Moss Wood is the rare intimate retreat for writers where close bonds are formed over food, wine, books, poetry and the picturesque bay just outside the windows. When too soon it's over, you leave feeling like you've become family, and part of a longstanding literary tradition." 

Elizabeth Lim, author of Reflection: A Twisted Tale

I can't imagine a more perfect place to spend a few days concentrating on my writing than at a Moss Wood Retreat. Towering trees, the ocean, and a lovely house where I can work with my fellow writers and guide, or by myself. The camaraderie, the leader's expertise and generosity all contributed to a flurry of writing I'm still benefiting from.

Rebecca Oxley, poet