Moss Wood sits halfway up a hill on Cape Rosier, adjacent to Hiram Blake Camp, a 100-year-old classic Maine cottage colony.  From the house, the view is of island-studded Penobscot Bay, across Spectacle Island towards Eggmoggin Reach.

The daily sounds you will hear are the distinctive conversation of eagles, the consternation of gulls, and an occasional lobster boat chugging by.  Sometimes a loon, always the sound of water.  You may spy a full masted schooner sail by, or an osprey plunge for her dinner into the waters beneath the porch. On a still morning, a seal's head might emerge from feeding, and a porpoise glide into the cove below.

Over the course of the day, the light shifts.  Sometimes you can watch as a fog bank begins a distance away and rolls in, slowly shrouding the water and the land.

With the glory of Penobscot Bay the first sight to greet you to your morning, you may want to be on the water, not merely nearby.  Each day kayaks will be available for a paddle, as well as rowboats.  Stand Cove is a still, quiet place for beginners and Spectacle Island is easily in reach for even a novice mariner. Fishing rods are provided should you feel called to take on the local mackerel. 


With a spacious porch overlooking the water and generous public rooms, Moss Wood is a comfortable home in which to gather.

There is also ample private space for writing (see faq), and just next door are rolling lawns with comfortable Adirondack chairs for some solitary thinking outside of the seminars.

There are five bedrooms for retreat participants. 

Throughout the house, books will be strewn about - to be leafed through, settled into.

Games will be played.

Conversations will break out.