We will always be keeping a weather eye out on the bay and will, as necessary, adjust our daily schedule.  As new ideas come along, we embrace them.  This is a sample schedule to give you an idea of the ebb and flow of life at Moss Wood.

Arrival Day:

You are welcome to arrive at Moss Wood anytime after 2:00 on the first day.  We strive to be flexible, so if you have a difficulty with the arrival time, please let us know. Afternoon tea is provided for those so inclined.

After check-in there will be time for a hike or to wander down to Bakeman Beach.  You might want to visit the Nearing Good Life Center, or if the time is right, explore the tidal pools on Pebble Beach.  If the afternoon winds have settled, it may be the time for a kayak on the bay for those so inclined.

Welcome drinks will be around 5:00, followed by dinner.  

And then, greetings and salutations.

Workshop Days:

Early morning breakfast treats and fruits will be laid out for early risers.

The sun rises at 4:50 am, and the morning’s still waters are a perfect time to be on the bay.

Hot breakfast served to order at 9:00.

10:00: Workshop.

11:00: Tea break.

11:15:  Workshop.

 12:30: Lunch.

Afternoons are for private writing, a time to follow through on the work begun during the morning.  And a time for reading, taking a hike, undertaking the serious work of tide pooling, taking to the water, or meeting for an individual critique. 

 5:30: Gather on the porch for drinks and nibbles.


 Evening Gathering.


For at least one day, we will switch the schedule- free time will be in the morning and workshops will be held in the afternoon.  Mornings are usually the calmest time of the day, and best for kayaking, or rowing to Spectacle Island.  We will watch the forecasts and the tide charts in making the call.

And often there is an excursion into the nearby town of Blue Hill which has one of the best bookshops anywhere, and the chocolate shop is not bad either.