The fee for a Moss Wood Retreat is all inclusive: lodging, meals, beverages, author sessions, workshops, readings, recreational (kayaks, rowboats, fishing gear).  There are no add-on charges, no end of retreat surprises.

The only exception is the cost of transportation to the retreat.


Week One - June 4 to June 9 - Generative Workshop

Cost per person: $875.00

Day tripper: $575.00

Being fully aware of the non-linear nature of artistic employment, we are committed to making a Moss Wood Retreat available to all writers.  We want you to come.  If you need to make specific arrangements to afford the cost, please email or call Patricia at the address/phone number below.


Application is complete upon receipt of the registration form and retreat fee.

Payment may be made in one of two of ways:

  1. Electronic payment is receivable via either:

    • PAYPAL (account id: director@mosswoodretreats.com)

    • Chase Quickpay (director@mosswoodretreats.com)

  2. Mail a copy of the completed registration forms with a check to:

Patricia McMahon


The Moss Wood Retreats

15830 South Barkers Landing Rd.

Houston, Texas 77079

Cancellation policy: 

We fully understand that life throws everyone a curveball now and again.  We also hope that the writers invited to Moss Wood will understand that, given the singularly small nature of our retreat, withdrawals can be especially problematic. We therefore need to adhere to the policy that we are unable to refund retreat fee until or unless we are able to invite an additional writer.  

Questions or concerns?

Email : director@mosswoodretreats.com

Phone: 832-455-9215