Week One of the Moss Wood Retreats is an open retreat.  Authors and illustrators are invited to come and have the luxury of time and space to focus exclusively on their work.  

Each day we will provide three meals, and the necessary snacks and beverages   to keep you going.  When you need to take a walk, we will point you down the road, or up the hill.  Should you want to kayak, or row, to clear your head, we will set you up and, if necessary, guide you on the bay. 

There are places to work in the house as well as a quiet, book-filled room nearby where you can spread out at a table and work in peace.

The director is available for manuscript critique if so inclined.

Evenings will provide the opportunity for conversation and company over dinner and the chance to share your work, if you would choose.

There is no better place to run away to your own creative self.