There is something quite delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You never quite know where they will take you.”  ~Beatrix Potter

                          BREAKING INTO YOUR STORY:                              with Karen Klockner and Patricia McMahon

This workshop is for all writers--of fiction or nonfiction, picture books or poetry, published or unpublished.  At the heart of all your work, whatever the genre, is a story--the story--the one you were itching to tell when you sat down to write.

Once you start, once the words are on the page, the difficult truth is that the book begins to evolve.  The story shifts from the one you had in mind, becoming instead the story it wishes to be. Which may not even be the same tale at all. 


That dichotomy, between what you were sure you wanted to say, and what the book wants to say, is at the heart of our struggles with writing, either in the first draft, or on the third rewrite.  Sometimes the scene on page fourteen, where the characters finally stop arguing on the porch and move inside, is actually the opening scene, or the first scene in the book is - oh no! - the last one.

The art of crafting a book is breaking into your own story, discovering the tale waiting to be told. As the eminent writer Paula Fox said, “A lie hides the truth.  A story tries to find it.” And the person most likely to help you discover the story you actually wanted to write is your editor.

Through conversations about the craft of constructing a story, through prompts and exercises, through workshops and consultations on the stories you are actually writing, and through examples of how the editorial process has worked on their eight books together - Karen Klockner and Patricia McMahon aim to help you discover and shape the story you need to write.